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About RADC


  • Sections of this document explain the first few steps needed to get this project going. All the following text is a draft of the future RADC site and is maintained in the radc repository. Please add the comments, critics and other feedback to the radc/issues collection.

  • The information provided in this cookbok is written and mantained BY Redwood application developers FOR application developers, meaning that the workload and schedules of the core team should not and will not be affected.

What is RADC

The intent of this project is to create a big cookbook (the title Redwood Applications Development Cookbook implies the "big" attribute as there ought be thousands ideas on helping new Redwood application developer get up to speed).

How to get involved in this (RADC) project

The content of the cookbook (RADC) is expected to come from Redwood Application developers (excluding RW Core team), RW contributors or any other RW users willing to help augment Redwood Technical Documentation. Ideally people joining this project should also create the content, however just proposing the content is very welcome.

Join the effort

Anyone is welcome to state interest in either adding to the List of articles or to declare interest in authoring any of the article from that same list (add to or take from the list 😃 )

To simplify the "add to the list" workflow, the initial list has three entries, already agreed upon on the last "office hour" last week. In addition to the entry "subject" please supply the list of tools the use of which should be documented and used in each cookbook entry.

Lastly, register your Name (1), Subject (2) as well as Tools (3) to be used, by sending email to Please make sure you use the template below:

Template to propose a Cookbook Entry

Current list of authors, articles, and tools

(new participation application requests, sent to will be added to this list)

  1. adriatic

    Project managed here

  • The completion of this project depends on @avataw (see proposal by Avataw) as he will add the Typescript version of the Redwood Blog application

  1. item waiting for the author

    Project not defined to be ready for creation.

  1. item waiting for the author

    • writing the cookbook article on using wallaby in developing and debugging Redwood applications

    Project not defined to be ready for creation.

  1. overview of RedwoodJS integration with CMS frameworks

    Project not defined to be ready for creation.