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About RADC project

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Redwood Application Development Cookbook (RADC) is the project trying to engage volunteers from RedwoodJS fans -- mostly application developers that selected RedwoodJS as their favorite framework, after acquiring the experience and enthusiasm provided by one of the best Tutorials in the industry.

There are several good reasons to structure RADC as an extension of the Tutorial:

  • Most of the RWJS newcomers will find the Tutorial so good that they will feel encouraged to start using the framework for a real project. Despite already stating that the Tutorial is terrific, we wanted to provide more articles explaining the RWJS behavior in a more "real world". So, this additional information describes the use of the various developer's tools applied to the "real world" application developed in the course of following the Tutorial. This application is named Redwood Blog and is made available in its source form as Redwood-tutorial. So most of the initial articles in this cookbook start where the RWJS tutorial ends, by further expanding the knowledge from the Tutorial.

  • Our intent is to organize RWJS users - RWJS application developers as principal contributors to this RADC site. At least some of us believe that application developers are more likely to know more about application developement than framework developers (and vice versa). So, this site represents the boundary between the two categories od software developers and it is very likely that there will exist interaction between them, in that specific context. Such interaction will be an additional quality step that might appeal even more customers to RedwoodJS - customers who responded to our motto: designed to help you grow from side project to startup.

To make the project creation process simple and scalable, all information (explanations, discussions and project content (cookbook articles themselves)) are persisted as issues in this repository. Please provide your feedback (comments to specific properties, ideas for improvements, statements of dissatisfaction) in the context of these issues.


  1. Initialization of RADC project
  2. List of articles, tools and potential authors
  3. First article proposal: realStandal - General broken feature resolution. Published to RADC site 5/28/2022).
  4. Second article proposal: adriatic - stepping through the code in Tutorial authentication section