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Install PostgreSQL with Docker

By adriatic



This article is formatted as two interdependent documents:

  • The first "Docker refresher" demonstrates how to install Docker locally, how to create a local instance of PostgreSQL server and how to Docker Compose (launch) a mini sample application that uses Docker based PostgreSQL server

  • The second article defines the process to install and build the RedwoodJS Tutorial App, also known as the Redwood Blog application, locally. Note that the only difference between this article and Install PostgreSQL with EDB Installer article is the description of the installation and running the PostgreSQL server.

Docker Refresher

Please check the Docker's own get started tutorial and run the code presented in the following sections

  • Build and run an image as a container.
  • Share images using Docker Hub.
  • Deploy Docker applications using multiple containers with a database.
  • Run applications using Docker Compose.

Building a simple small application

The application used to demonstrate the above listed bullet points is a clone of

Install and Build Redwood Blog Application

using Docker installed PostgreSQL server

being written