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Reinstall RedwoodJS

By realStandal

My initial contribution is the "delete everything and reinstall" workflow. I know I personally rely upon these steps to fix many "broken" features with the Redwood framework, and have seen many community and core-team members suggesting it or posting it as the resolution to their issue at-hand.

  • Delete the following set of files/directories:
    • ./.redwood
    • ./.yarn/install-state.gz (RFC - I'm not 100% sure this file is required, it's only applicable to Yarn v3 regardless)
    • ./api/node_modules
    • ./web/node_modules
    • ./node_modules
    • ./yarn.lock
  • Re-install dependencies (yarn install)
  • Re-generate Redwood types (yarn rw g types)
  • Re-generate the Prisma client (yarn rw prisma generate)